The Fraud Police
Fraud police

A show about impostor syndrome and its close relatives. Shahid and Matt have been on the run from The Fraud Police for as long as they can remember. Their whereabouts remain unknown. Join them as they hunt for evidence of their innocence, or guilt.

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    I Utterly Refute that I'm a Credible Developer

    In this episode, Shahid and Matt talk about their fall from arrogance into fragile self doubt. Shahid tells Matt about his incredulity that respected companies consider him a credible developer.

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    It is your Destiny, Matt

    In this week's episode, we explore why Matt feels like a fraud while he's playing Destiny on his PS4, despite being, well, pretty good at it.

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    Leaving Everything to the Last Minute

    In this first episode of The Fraud Police, Shahid and Matt talk about techniques and sleights of hand that they've used to hide the fact that they're raging impostors.

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